Key Cable Lock Packaged With Anchor Set

Key Cable Lock Packaged With Anchor Set


CODi’s AK0000001 Security Bundle combines our Key Cable Lock (A02001) and Single Steel Anchor Ring (A02016) to provide a solution for securing your laptop or device in areas that do not offer options for securing a cable lock.

Key Cable Lock (A02001)

The CODi Key Cable Lock works with the universal security slot of your laptop or desktop computer, protecting your device against theft. The patented design features convenient, easy to use push-button technology to easily lock and unlock your device. A hardened steel head, 7-pin lock head/tail pin and 6’ coated, galvanized steel cable ensure superior strength and deter tampering. Carry this lightweight, portable and compact security solution anywhere your job takes you.


  • INTEGRATED LOCK DESIGN fits security slots on most laptops, desktop computers, flat screen monitors and digital projectors

  • Note: A security slot is required in order to utilize this security solution. Verify device for compatibility.

  • HARDENED STEEL HEAD & TAIL PIN built to endure wear

  • MASTER KEY OPTION AVAILABLE FOR ENTERPRISE USERS allowing IT or security personnel to remove the lock in the event of missing keys, protecting equipment and saving money

Steel Anchor with Glue Kit (A02016)

The Steel Anchor is the ideal complement to our cable locks, providing a strong, permanent anchoring point when there are no suitable fixtures to loop the cable around. This anchor can be securely attached to virtually any surface using four screws and permanent glue, combined with a rubber grip coating on the base. Once fastened, the cable lock holds the unique Security Shield in place to prevent the screws from being accessible. Manufactured using processes that reinforce and strengthen the steel, the Single Steel Anchor is a highly durable, tamper-resistant security solution.


  • SECURE, PERMANENT ANCHOR POINT for all CODi cable locks

  • ATTACHES TO VIRTUALLY ANY SURFACE using four screws, permanent adhesive and rubber grip base


Part #: AK0000001

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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