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Shoulder & Messenger Bags

Organizer Mobility Bundle
Professional Mobility Bundle
Tablet Essentials Case
Duo 14.1” Double Compartment Case
Chromebook Case with Shoulder Strap
Protégé X2 15.6” Double Compartment Case
Duo X2 14.1” Double Compartment Case
Riserva 15.6" Triple Compartment Case
Diplomat 15.4” Triple Compartment Case
Engineer X2 17.3” Triple Compartment Case

Messenger Bags

When you’re commuting, you need a quality messenger bag that you can depend on. CODi has answered the call with our line of high quality, high performance laptop messenger bags, including Courier messenger bags. Hit the town with a CODi vertical messenger bag, designed to protect your laptop when you’re on the go. Experiencing the city can be fun and stress free with a laptop messenger bag. Functional and lightweight, CODi laptop messenger bags are perfect for every lifestyle.


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